Episode 1 - Bodysnatchers!

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  • Song Name: Episode 1 - Bodysnatchers!
  • Artist: Actual Education
  • Album: The Bodysnatchers and Burke and Hare
  • Year: 2010

Burke and Hare...two of the most famous characters in Edinburgh's history. Our first podcast series will focus on the story of the two Irish murderers. We will also look at the bodysnatching 'phenomenon' which reached a crescendo in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.

We will explore some of Edinburgh's graveyards, known haunts of the ressurectionists who were always on the look out for a freshly buried body to dig up and sell to the many anatomists, and their students, who were making Edinburgh one of Europe's foremost centres of medical learning.

Episode one will introduce Burke and Hare and look back on some of Edinburgh's earliest grave robber stories.